Peer-Reviewed Research Papers and Reviews

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Stimuli-responsive polymer gels

S Ahn, RM Kasi, SC Kim, N Sharma, Y Zhou
Soft Matter 4 (6), 1151-1157
Synthesis and thermal properties of hybrid copolymers of syndiotactic polystyrene and polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane

L Zheng, RM Kasi, RJ Farris, EB Coughlin
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 40 (7), 885-891
Hierarchically structured free-standing hydrogels with liquid crystalline domains and magnetic nanoparticles as dual physical cross-linkers

Y Zhou, N Sharma, P Deshmukh, RK Lakhman, M Jain, RM Kasi
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (3), 1630-1641
Polymers comprising cholesterol: synthesis, self-assembly, and applications

Y Zhou, VA Briand, N Sharma, S Ahn, RM Kasi
Materials 2 (2), 636-660
Exploiting microphase‐separated morphologies of side‐chain liquid crystalline polymer networks for triple shape memory properties

S Ahn, RM Kasi
Advanced Functional Materials 21 (23), 4543-4549
JM Perry, F Tao, A Roy, T Lin, XC He, S Chen, X Lu, J Nemechek, L Ruan, X Yu, D Dukes, A Moran, K Pace, J’ Schroeder, M Zhao, A Venkatraman, P Qian, Z Li, M Hembree, A Paulson, X He, X Xu, H-Y Tran, C-T Deshmukh, P Nguyen, RM Kasi, R Ryan, M Broward Broward, S Ding, Guest E, K August, A Gamis, AS Godwin, GS Sittampalam, SJ Weir, L Li
Nature Cell Biology 22, 689-700
T-H Tran, CT Nguyen, L Gonzalez-Fajardo, D Hargrove, D Song, P Deshmukh, L Mahajan, D Ndaya, L Lai, RM Kasi, X Lu
Biomacromolecules 15 (11), 4363-4375

Thermally switchable aligned nanopores by magnetic‐field directed self‐assembly of block copolymers

M Gopinadhan, P Deshmukh, Y Choo, PW Majewski, O Bakajin, M Elimelech, RM Kasi, CO Osuji
Advanced Materials 26 (30), 5148-5154

Molecular design of liquid crystalline brush-like block copolymers for magnetic field directed self-assembly: A platform for functional materials

P Deshmukh, M Gopinadhan, Y Choo, S-k Ahn, PW Majewski, SY Yoon, O Bakajin, M Elimelech, CO Osuji, RM Kasi
ACS Macro Letters 3 (5), 462-466

Organic solvent dispersion of poly (3, 4‐ethylenedioxythiophene) with the use of polymeric ionic liquid

TY Kim, TH Lee, JE Kim, RM Kasi, CSP Sung, KS Suh
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 46 (20), 6872-6879

Tailoring crystallization behavior of PEO-based liquid crystalline block copolymers through variation in liquid crystalline content

Y Zhou, S Ahn, RK Lakhman, M Gopinadhan, CO Osuji, RM Kasi
Macromolecules 44 (10), 3924-3934

Protein polymer conjugates: improving the stability of hemoglobin with poly (acrylic acid)

V Thilakarathne, VA Briand, Y Zhou, RM Kasi, CV Kumar
Langmuir 27 (12), 7663-7671

Controlling orientational order in block copolymers using low-intensity magnetic fields

M Gopinadhan, Y Choo, K Kawabata, G Kaufman, X Feng, X Di, Y Rokhlenko, LH Mahajan, D Ndaya, RM Kasi, CO Osuji
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (45), E9437-E9444
Phase behavior of polylactide-based liquid crystalline brushlike block copolymers

Y Choo, LH Mahajan, M Gopinadhan, D Ndaya, P Deshmukh, RM Kasi, CO Osuji
Macromolecules 48 (22), 8315-8322
Interplay between liquid crystalline order and microphase segregation on the self-assembly of side-chain liquid crystalline brush block copolymers

P Deshmukh, S Ahn, L Geelhand de Merxem, RM Kasi
Macromolecules 46 (20), 8245-8252
Synthesis and characterization of side‐chain liquid crystalline polymers bearing cholesterol mesogen

SK Ahn, LT Nguyen Le, RM Kasi
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 47 (10), 2690-2701
Supported constrained-geometry catalysts on cross-linked (aminomethyl) polystyrene: studies of ethylene and 1-octene polymerizations

RM Kasi, EB Coughlin
Organometallics 22 (7), 1534-1539
Toward “stable-on-the-table” enzymes: Improving key properties of catalase by covalent conjugation with poly (acrylic acid)

CM Riccardi, KS Cole, KR Benson, JR Ward, KM Bassett, YZhang, OV Zore, B Stromer, RM Kasi, CV Kumar
Bioconjugate chemistry 25 (8), 1501-1510
Redox-sensitive nanoparticles from amphiphilic cholesterol-based block copolymers for enhanced tumor intracellular release of doxorubicin

CT Nguyen, TH Tran, M Amiji, X Lu, RM Kasi
Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 11 (8), 2071-2082
Self-assembled nanoparticles from thiol functionalized liquid crystalline brush block copolymers for dual encapsulation of doxorubicin and gold nanoparticles

CT Nguyen, TH Tran, X Lu, RM Kasi
Polymer Chemistry 5 (8), 2774-2783
Ultra-stable hemoglobin–poly (acrylic acid) conjugates

VK Mudhivarthi, KS Cole, MJ Novak, W Kipphut, IK Deshapriya, Y Zhou, RM Kasi, CV Kumar
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (38), 20423-20433
Tethered constrained-geometry catalysts in mesoporous silica: probing the influence of the “second sphere” on polymer properties

SL Burkett, S Soukasene, KL Milton, R Welch, AJ Little, RM Kasi, EB Coughlin
Chemistry of materials 17 (10), 2716-2723
Novel surface plasmon resonance sensor for the detection of heme at biological levels via highly selective recognition by apo-hemoglobin

VA Briand, V Thilakarathne, RM Kasi, CV Kumar
Talanta 99, 113-118
Synthesis and characterization of polycholesteryl methacrylate–polyhydroxyethyl methyacrylate block copolymers

Y Zhou, RM Kasi
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 46 (20), 6801-6809
Hierarchically self-assembled photonic materials from liquid crystalline random brush copolymers

P Deshmukh, S Ahn, M Gopinadhan, CO Osuji, RM Kasi
Macromolecules 46 (11), 4558-4566
Reduced in vivo toxicity of doxorubicin by encapsulation in cholesterol-containing self-assembled nanoparticles

L Gonzalez-Fajardo, LH Mahajan, D Ndaya, D Hargrove, JE Manautou, BT Liang, M-H Chen, RM Kasi, X Lu
Pharmacological Research 107, 93-101
Covalent interlocking of glucose oxidase and peroxidase in the voids of paper: enzyme–polymer “spider webs”

CM Riccardi, D Mistri, O Hart, M Anuganti, Y Lin, RM Kasi, CV Kumar
Chemical Communications 52 (12), 2593-2596
Cholesteric mesophase in side-chain liquid crystalline polymers: influence of mesogen interdigitation and motional decoupling

S Ahn, M Gopinadhan, P Deshmukh, RK Lakhman, CO Osuji, RM Kasi
Soft Matter 8 (11), 3185-3191
Bienzyme–polymer–graphene oxide quaternary hybrid biocatalysts: efficient substrate channeling under chemically and thermally denaturing conditions

OV Zore, A Pattammattel, S Gnanaguru, CV Kumar, RM Kasi
Acs Catalysis 5 (9), 4979-4988
Enhanced Intrafibrillar Mineralization of Collagen Fibrils Induced by Brush-Like Polymers

L Yu, IJ Martin, RM Kasi, M Wei
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 10 (34), 28440-28449
Synthesis of ordered, functional, robust nanoporous membranes from liquid crystalline brush-like triblock copolymers

D Ndaya, R Bosire, L Mahajan, S Huh, R Kasi
Polymer Chemistry 9 (12), 1404-1411
Optically Active Elastomers from Liquid Crystalline Comb Copolymers with Dual Physical and Chemical Cross-Links

LH Mahajan, D Ndaya, P Deshmukh, X Peng, M Gopinadhan, CO Osuji, RM Kasi
Macromolecules 50 (15), 5929-5939
Nanocomposite hydrogels based on liquid crystalline brush-like block copolymer–Au nanorods and their application in H 2 O 2 detection

CT Nguyen, RM Kasi
Chemical Communications 51 (61), 12174-12177
Proton-coupled protein binding: controlling lysozyme/poly (acrylic acid) interactions with pH

A Ghimire, RM Kasi, CV Kumar
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 118 (19), 5026-5033
Impact of poly (ɛ‐caprolactone) architecture on the thermomechanical and shape memory properties

P Deshmukh, H Yoon, S Cho, SY Yoon, OV Zore, T Kim, I Chung, S‐K Ahn, RM Kasi
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry
Fast Photoswitchable Order–Disorder Transitions in Liquid-Crystalline Block Co-oligomers

C Lee, D Ndaya, R Bosire, NK Kim, RM Kasi, CO Osuji
Journal of the American Chemical Society 144, 390–399
Cholesteric-Azobenzene Liquid Crystalline Copolymers: Design, Structure and Thermally Responsive Optical Properties

D Ndaya, R Bosire, RM Kasi
Polymer Chemistry 10, 3868-3878
Chapter Nineteen-Nanoarmoring of Enzymes by Interlocking in Cellulose Fibers With Poly (Acrylic Acid)

CM Riccardi, RM Kasi, CV Kumar
Methods in Enzymology 590, 475-500
Directing block copolymer self-assembly with permanent magnets: photopatterning microdomain alignment and generating oriented nanopores

M Gopinadhan, Y Choo, L H Mahajan, D Ndaya, G Kaufman, Y Rokhlenko, RM Kasi, CO Osuji
Molecular Systems Design & Engineering 2 (5), 549-559
Nanostructured ion gels from liquid crystalline block copolymers and gold nanoparticles in ionic liquids: manifestation of mechanical and electrochemical properties

CT Nguyen, Y Zhu, X Chen, GA Sotzing, S Granados-Focil, RM Kasi
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3 (2), 399-408
Templated Supramolecular Structures of Multichromic, Multiresponsive Perylene Diimide-Polydiacetylene Films

IJ Martin, KC Shih, MP Nieh, RM Kasi
Macromolecules 53 (11), 4501-4510
A modular approach for interlocking enzymes in whatman paper

C Riccardi, S McCormick, R Kasi, C Kumar
Angewandte Chemie 130 (32), 10315-10319
Molecular Engineering of Stimuli-Responsive, Functional, Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Copolymers: Synthesis, Properties and Applications

D Ndaya, R Bosire, S Vaidya, RM Kasi
Polymer Chemistry 11, 5937-5954
Cytochrome c–poly (acrylic acid) conjugates with improved peroxidase turnover number

KR Benson, J Gorecki, A Nikiforov, W Tsui, RM Kasi, CV Kumar
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 17 (16), 4043-4048
Tuning hemoglobin–poly (acrylic acid) interactions by controlled chemical modification with triethylenetetramine

VK Thilakarathne, VA Briand, RM Kasi, CV Kumar
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (42), 12783-12792
Gas manifold for olefin polymerization and a convenient reactor design for the parallel screening of catalysts

GS Constable, RA Gonzalez-Ruiz, RM Kasi, EB Coughlin
Macromolecules 35 (25), 9613-9616
Dynamic magnetic field alignment and polarized emission of semiconductor nanoplatelets in a liquid crystal polymer

D Kim, D Ndaya, R Bosire, FK Masese, W Li, SM Thompson, CR Kagan, CB Murray, RM Kasi, CO Osuji
Nature Communications 13, 2507
Nanoarmoring: strategies for preparation of multi-catalytic enzyme polymer conjugates and enhancement of high temperature biocatalysis

OV Zore, P Pande, O Okifo, AK Basu, RM Kasi, CV Kumar
RSC advances 7 (47), 29563-29574
“Stable-on-the-table” biosensors: Hemoglobin-poly (acrylic acid) nanogel bioelectrodes with high thermal stability and enhanced electroactivity

A Ghimire, OV Zore, VK Thilakarathne, VA Briand, PJ Lenehan, Y Lei, RM Kasi, CV Kumar
Sensors 15 (9), 23868-23885
Linear or Branched Polyethylenes from Supported Aryloxytitanium (IV)− Cyclopentadienyl Complexes

RM Kasi, EB Coughlin
Macromolecules 36 (17), 6300-6304
Efficient biocatalysis in organic media with hemoglobin and poly (acrylic acid) nanogels

OV Zore, PJ Lenehan, CV Kumar, RM Kasi
Langmuir 30 (18), 5176-5184
Physical gels of [BMIM][BF4] by N‐ tert‐butylacrylamide/ethylene oxide based triblock copolymer self‐assembly: Synthesis, thermomechanical, and conducting properties

N Sharma, RK Lakhman, Y Zhou, RM Kasi
Journal of applied polymer science 128 (6), 3982-3992
Ultra-Tough and Super-Swelling PVA/Poly(AAm-co-AA Sodium Salts) Double Network Hydrogels

JR Kim, S Woo, Y Son, JR Kim, RM Kasi, SC Kim
Macromolecules 54, 2439-2448
Spherical Photonic Nanostructures from High Molecular Weight Liquid Crystalline Brushlike Block Copolymers

D Ndaya, R Bosire, RM Kasi
ACS Applied Polymer Materials 2, 5511–5520
Three-dimensional, enzyme biohydrogel electrode for improved bioelectrocatalysis

A Ghimire, A Pattammattel, CE Maher, RM Kasi, CV Kumar
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (49), 42556-42565
Dynamic Viscoelasticity and Concentration Dependence of Micelle−Gel Transition of Styrene and Ntert-Butylacrylamide Diblock Copolymer Solutions

N Sharma, RM Kasi
Langmuir 26 (10), 7418-7424
Copolymerizations of ethylene and α-olefins with supported piano-stool catalysts

JF Craymer, RM Kasi, EB Coughlin
Polyhedron 24 (11), 1347-1355
Effects of Labile Mesogens on the Morphology of Liquid Crystalline Block Copolymers in Thin Films

C Lee, D Ndaya, R Bosire, UR Gabinet, J Sun, P Gopalan, RM Kasi, CO Osuji
Macromolecules 54, 3223–3231
Recent Progress in Functional Materials from Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals

R Bosire, D Ndaya, RM Kasi
Polymer International
Flower-like Micelles of Polyethylene Oxide End-Capped with Cholesterol

B Kangarlou, R Dahanayake, IJ Martin, D Ndaya, C-W Wu, RM Kasi, EE Dormidontova, M-P Nieh
Macromolecules 54, 8960–8970
Rhodamine-Installed Polynorbornenes: Molecular Design Structure, and Stimuli-Responsive Properties

S Vaidya, M Sharma, CB Bruckner, RM Kasi
ACS Omega 6, 15017–15028
Synthesis and characterization of diblock copolymers of styrene and N-tert-butylacrylamide and gelation evidenced by rheology

N Sharma, RM Kasi
Soft Matter 5 (7), 1483-1488
Morphing of stiffness-heterogeneous liquid crystal elastomers via mechanical training and locally controlled photopolymerization

Y Li, G Parlato, FK Masese, RM Kasi, T Zhang, X Wang
Stabilization and X-ray Attenuation of PEGylated Cholesterol/Polycaprolactone-Based Perfluorooctyl Bromide Nanocapsules for CT Imaging

AOR Beringhs, D Ndaya, R Bosire, RM Kasi, X Lu
AAPS PharmSciTech 22, 1-3
Lithium‐end‐capped polylactide thin films influence osteoblast progenitor cell differentiation and mineralization

CT Gomillion, RK Lakhman, RM Kasi, RA Weiss, LT Kuhn, AJ Goldberg
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A 103 (2), 500-510
Exploiting architecture and composition of side-chain liquid crystalline polymers for shape memory applications

S Ahn, P Deshmukh, RM Kasi
Non-Conventional Functional Block Copolymers, 39-51
Protein‐Polymer Conjugates

VA Briand, CV Kumar, RM Kasi
Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology
Influence of the Method of Preparation on the Characteristics and Performance of Cholesterol-based Polymeric Nanoparticles for Redox-triggered Release of Doxorubicin in Tumor Cells

L Gonzalez-Fajardo, D Ndaya, R Kasi, X Lu
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 571, 118701-118714
Chapter Eight-Armored Enzyme–Nanohybrids and Their Catalytic Function Under Challenging Conditions

OV Zore, RM Kasi, CV Kumar
Methods in Enzymology 590, 169-192
Cholesteric Mesophase based 1D Photonic Materials from Self-Assembly of Liquid Crystalline Block and Random Terpolymers containing Chromonic Molecules

R Bosire, D Ndaya, RM Kasi
RSC Advances 11, 14615 – 14623
Methods for treating chemoresistant cancer-initiating cells

R Kasi, L Li, X Lu, JM Perry, GS Sittampalam, A Roy
US Patent App. 15/745,875
Methods for treating chemoresistant cancer-initiating cells

R Kasi, L Ll, X Lu, JM Perry, GS Sittampalam, A Roy
US Patent App. 17/499,648
Self-Assembled Materials from Cellulose Nanocrystals Conjugated with a Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Moiety

FK Masese, D Ndaya, C-H Liu, N Eddy, D Morales-Acosta, M-P Nieh, RM Kasi
Soft Matter 18, 8165-8174
Imaging Tumor Heterogeneity and the Variations in Nanoparticle Accumulation Using Perfluorooctyl Bromide Nanocapsule X‐Ray Computed Tomography Contrast

XL AOR Beringhs, D Ndaya, R Bosire, RM Kasi
Advanced Therapeutics, 2200047
Self-assembled brush block copolymer-nanoparticles for drug delivery

X Lu, RI Kasi, T Thanh-Huyen, CT Nguyen, P Deshmukh
US Patent 11,103,523
1D Photonics Materials Through Self-Assembly of Polymers

LH Mahajan, D Ndaya, P Deshmukh, S Ahn, RM Kasi
Supported constrained-geometry catalysts on cross-linked (Aminomethyl) polystyrene (vol 22, pg 1357, 2003)

RM Kasi, EB Coughlin
Organometallics 22 (18), 3792-3792
Liquid Crystalline Block Copolymers

Y Zhou, S Ahn, P Deshmukh, RM Kasi
Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology
Recent Advances and Opportunities for Cellulose Nanocrystal-Based Liquid Crystalline Polymer Hybrids and Composite Materials

F Masese, P Njenga, D Ndaya, RM Kasi
New Stimuli-Response Liquid Crystalline Polymer Architectures

L Mahajan, D Ndaya, P Deshmukh, RM Kasi
Liquid Crystalline Polymers. Polymers and Polymeric Composites: A Reference Series
Rational design of enzyme–polymer biocatalysts

OV Zore, RM Kasi, CV Kumar
Biocatalysis and Nanotechnology, 121-149
Bio-reducible self-assembled liquid crystalline block copolymers for drug delivery

X LU, R Kasi, T Tran, CT Nguyen
US Patent 20,170,240,680
Thermoreversible ion gels from side-chain liquid crystalline brush diblock copolymers

CT Nguyen, P Deshmukh, X Chen, S Granados-Focis, RM Kasi
Functional Polymers: Design, Synthesis, and Applications, 241
Varying PLA functionality and texture to influence osteoprogenitors

R Lakhman, K O’Brien, R Kasi, RA Weiss, LT Kuhn, M Mina, AJ Goldberg
Dental Materials, e72-e73
Olefin polymerization from single site catalysts confined within porous media.

RM Kasi
The home for the most innovative and exciting polymer chemistry, with an emphasis on polymer synthesis and applications thereof

J-E Potaufeux, J Odent, D Notta-Cuvier, F Lauro, J-M Raquez, D Ndaya, R Bosire, S Vaidya, RM Kasi
Stable Graphene Oxide-Protein-Polymer Nanocomposites for Catalysis at Thermally and Chemically Hostile Conditions

O Zore, A Pattammattel, S Gnanaguru, C Kumar, R Kasi

M Gopinadhan, Y Choo, K Kawabata, G Kaufman, X Feng, X Di, Y Rokhlenko, LH Mahajan, D Ndaya, RM Kasi, CO Osuji
www. softmatter. org Volume 4| Number 6| 7 June 2008| Pages 1117–1328

RM Kasi, PT Hammond